BEBMS-16S200A-H 产品
BEBMS-16S200A-H 产品


Metal Name: The 8S BMS from Benertek lithium battery management system is particularly suitable for solar street lights, solar energy storage, wireless monitoring equipment, e-scooters, communication apparatus etc.
支持串数: 8S
电池类型: lithium manganate, lithium ternary, lithium cobalate, lithium iron
支持电流 : 40A
是否均衡: Yes
尺寸: 120*60*10 MM
Technical Parameter


Cells management:

● Management of 8 lithium cells in series, compatible with Lifepo4 batteries
● Management of 2 NTC temperatures sensors

Measurements accuracy::

● Cell voltages: ± 5 mV
● Temperatures: ± 1°C

Protection function:

The BMS is designed to monitor the battery status and take appropriate actions to prevent or mitigate potential hazards. The following are the main protection functions of BMS for lithium batteries:

1. Overcharge protection: Overcharging can cause thermal runaway, which leads to the release of flammable gases and may result in an explosion. The BMS monitors the battery voltage and stops charging when it reaches the maximum safe level.
2 Over-discharge protection: Over-discharging can damage the battery and reduce its capacity. The BMS monitors the battery voltage and stops discharging when it reaches the minimum safe level.
3. Temperature protection: High temperature can accelerate the aging of the battery and increase the risk of thermal runaway. The BMS monitors the battery temperature and takes appropriate actions, such as reducing the charging/discharging current or stopping the operation, to prevent overheating.
4. Over-current protection: Over-current can damage the battery and cause safety hazards. The BMS monitors the current flow and stops the operation when it exceeds the maximum safe level.
5. Short circuit protection: Short circuit can cause a high current flow and generate heat, which may lead to an explosion or fire. The BMS monitors the circuit and disconnects it when a short circuit is detected.

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