BEBMS-16S200A-H 产品
BEBMS-16S200A-H 产品


The 16S 40A battery management System (BMS), 48V, for residential solar energy storage, with power-down protection mode.
支持串数: 16S
电池类型: lithium manganate, lithium ternary, lithium cobalate, lithium iron
支持电流 : 40A
是否均衡: Yes
尺寸: 160±2mm * 105±1mm * 17±1mm


● Design of strong current and detached circuit board, for flood current protection, and durable longevity, it is convenient to perform after sales service. ● Compact size and water-proof features, space saving and safe in working state.

Cells management:

Management of 16 lithium cells in series, suitable for LiFePo4 Management of 2 NTC temperature sensors:
● Analog measurements used by the hardware redundancy
● Measurements accuracy:

Cell voltages: +/- 5 mV
Temperatures: +/- 1°C


● Hardware redundancy for voltage and temperature measurements in order to reach a high level of safety.
● Overcharge and undercharge hardware protection.
● Overtemperature and undertemperature.
● Overcurrent: 2 levels in discharge, 1 level in charge and protection by hardware.
● Short circuit hardware protection.

Power supply/consumption:

Supply of the BMS directly on the battery pack
Low consumption in sleep mode: < 500 μA

Mechanical format:

● BMS: 90 mm x 172 mm x 12 mm
● Can be potted to be used in harsh environment

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